Designing Gardens With Purpose And Making Green Spaces Greener

Through Organic and Sustainable Practices

Green Goddess Designs is a different kind of landscape design company. We like to think we’re the best of both worlds, like chocolate covered potato chips  – sweet and salty. We pair the efficient and proven strategies of a traditional landscape design firm with the eco-minded passion of tree-hugging, veggie planting nature lovers. We’re committed to the environment and to design, and love lawns just as much as we love our native flower beds.

Our passion is contagious

But we promise you'll enjoy it!

We are constantly learning new tricks, discovering new plants, and sharing our love for gardening, design, nature, and wellness. Life is too short to be stuffy or hard nosed about our approach, so we strive to be flexible and accommodating to all budgets and needs, while showing people how easy it really is to take the “green” path.

We’re always up for a new challenge, whether it’s a patient garden for a specialty clinic, or a home landscape located in an unfavorable spot. Just give us a call!

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