Garden Writing

Garden Writing

For Businesses and Publications

Shennandoah is a seasoned writer with over 20 years of writing for businesses, publishers, and advertising agencies. She is an active member of the Writer’s League of Texas and the Garden Writer’s of America and is continuously honing her craft in order to meet the needs of modern publications and businesses. This includes maintaining a strong understanding of modern technology and how to craft communications to maximize the impact of written communications sent through digital tools. She is especially skilled at matching the voice of the client or publication and at creating content that connects directly with readers and customers.

Writing for Horticulture Publications

and other industry publications

Shennandoah combines her knowledge of horticulture best practices and education to create informative, easy to read articles on best practices related to eco-friendly gardening and other sustainable gardening techniques. She works closely with editors to craft content that is in line with the overall tone often publication and that addresses the needs and interests of the target reader. Her approach combines the utmost in professionalism with a passion for teaching and gardening, making her an easy and enjoyable writer with which to collaborate.

What are people saying

sample testimonials

Tanya HallCEO, Greenleaf Book Group
Shennandoah has more energy, ideas, and inspiration than…well, she’s not here to take my thought and run with it like she does most days, but you get the idea. She cranks out content at warp speed and takes direction, and feedback, like a pro. Her resolve and work ethic are rare traits that I can’t praise more highly – and she’s personable to boot. Highly recommended!
Helena HaukVP, Green Bank
Shennandoah is phenomenal when it comes to writing! She is intuitive and resourceful, I can give her minimal information and she can write it up for me as if she has been in that profession herself for years. She asks great questions to gain better perspective to write a piece on behalf of her client. I would recommend her for any industry!
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