Comprehensive landscape design services to transform your property into an earth friendly oasis!

The services that we provide…

Green Goddess Designs serves as a comprehensive resource for landscape design consulting and garden education. Our focus is on using a holistic, natural approach centered on sound horticultural practices. This approach allows us to establish and maintain a garden ecosystem that requires less care, and more importantly, less chemical interventions. Not only is this approach better for your health and the environment, it is also cheaper in the long run and more effective and yields beautiful results.

Everything we do is based on research and sound horticultural practices. Not only are we life long learners, we are also passionate teachers. We believe that through education, support, and leading by example we can better help guide communities to adopt earth friendly practices. The result – beautiful, healthier, less toxic environments for ourselves and our children.

Our Services

Landscape Design

Beautiful designs that integrate sound horticultural practice and sustainable principles.

Horticulture Consulting

Receive expert advice and direction on plant identification, care, and environmental management of your property.

Materials and Plant Procurement

We assist property owners and maintenance crews with sourcing plant, soil, outdoor decor, and other specialty items.

Garden Coaching & Training

Passionate about education, we also provide garden coaching and training for DIY gardeners and maintenance crews.

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